19 Feb 2011


The consignment process further explained

The door-to-door air cargo process ends with the consignee.
  • A consignee is the person or company that is physically and administratively responsible for accepting the goods at final delivery ; nothing more and nothing less
  • Although in a lot of cases the consignee is also the customer of the forwarder, just as with the shipper, this is not necessarily so.  Also here, the customer can just as well be the shipper, or a third party that has ordered the goods stored at the shipper’s location to be shipped from A to B.  For this same reason, the consignee also does not need to be the owner of the goods.  This all depends on the delivery terms that are agreed between the parties involved, e.g. a buyer, owner of the goods, a seller, a maintenance company, a distributor, a transport company, a forwarder, etc.

K+N delivery in Hong Kong ; photo source: Kuehne + Nagel

The consignee will give a proof of delivery (POD) to the forwarder’s transporter.
After receipt, the packages are opened and the contents are checked against the packing list and invoice.
  • In case of payment at receipt, and if the goods are received in good order and the right quantities, the goods will be released for payment by the consignee.
  • If the quantity received is not correct, the financial as well as the customs administration should be corrected afterward, which is the responsibility of the consignee.

Process overview:

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Consignment physically received from the flight and has arrived in the cargo bay at final destination. Is that mean delivered? Or does custom hold the goods after this stage? Reason for my question is the broker telling me custom is reviewing the good. I found it not true