History of Air Cargo and Air Mail

History of Air Cargo or Air Freight and Air Mail

My facebook page "AIR CARGO HISTORY's vintage freight dogs" is now probably the greatest source for Air Cargo or Air Freight and Air Mail History on the internet, with a timeline and many stories, pics, videos, links and fun stuff.  Here you will find information as gathered from internet and other sources, to form one overall picture of the history of air cargo.

Go to the AIR CARGO HISTORY's facebook page, log in, 
and then click on the years in the timeline 
to see what happened back then : 

It's actually quite hard to reconstruct this history.  One of the reasons will of course be that the air cargo history is and has always been intertwined with the general history of aviation and airlines - a large part of air cargo has always been moved in combination with passengers.
Besides that, the industry seems to be more driven by the business (and problems) of the day and tomorrow, and not too much time is spent on looking back. The best book to be found on the subject is arguably "The history of Air Cargo and Airmail from the 18th century" by Camille Allaz.  The information on internet is often scattered or focused on specific parts or companies.
Nevertheless I tried to make a general timeline (still under construction!) from everything I could find on the subject.  Below is an overview of the most important milestones, all directly linked to the background information.

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Thanks, and feel free to comment or contact me about this!  Enjoy!

History by year

(click on the items for further information)

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